April 11, 2010

Dungarvan Food Festival

DSF is now one of the sought after trips at the festival each year.

March 3, 2008

Bag cleaner

DSF has been at the forefront in advancing oyster growing techniques by developing new technology. This is a machine for cleaning seaweed off the bags and shaking the oysters in the bags, so promoting growth and good shape in the oyster.

July 10, 2006

BIM Heli

DSF is recognised as one of the showcase oyster farm in Ireland and is used by BIM to promote excellence in the industry.

November 20, 2005

BIM oyster award 2005

In 2005 DSF was recognised as the top quality oyster in Ireland .

May 24, 1992

JH and Tafforret

In 1995 Dungarvan Shellfish teamed up with Tafforret s.a the biggest oysters producers in Marenne . This was the recognition that the oysters DSF produced was on par with the French oyster. JH is pictured with the tafforet family and the mayor of marennes and members of BIM on one of the initial trips to France to grow the company.

April 15, 1990

BIM and Tafforret

DSF was able to grow quickly and proficiently due to the expertise from the Irish government agency BIM. BIM Board visit to DSF.

August 2, 1989

JH start

Jim Harty started growing oysters in Dungarvan Bay in 1985. He was the first to recognise that dungarvan bay had potential to produce oysters and the quality that was produced “speciale” has marked Dungarvan as the one of the premier oyster producing areas in Europe .