Harty Oysters is located on the south coast of Ireland, an island with over 3,100 kilometres of panoramic coastlines. No matter where you are in Ireland, you are never more the 100km from the sea. This fresh, clean, green country of ours consistently gives Harty oysters healthy nutrients through its many lakes, rivers, tributaries and indeed, the land.

Oyster farming goes back millennia, as mounds of shells have been found dating back to before Roman times. At Harty Oysters, we like to think that we’re continuing an age-old tradition, and protecting that tradition for generations to come.

Our location, so close to our oyster parks, enables Harty Oysters to complete the growing cycle of the oysters with minimal stress (stress is very bad for oysters!).

Another advantage to our location is that we have been able to develop a nursery which helps acclimatise oyster seed in our bay at a much younger age than is usual in their life cycle. That means our oysters are stronger and healthier in the long run, with minimal disturbance whilst benefitting from the nutrient rich waters found here.

Put simply, our oysters live stress-free lives as we aim to give them a life cycle as natural as can be – our oysters are not just tasty, they’re strong and healthy too.