Our Team

We are a very progressive, modern company – always looking for ways to implement new industry methods while striving to develop new ones as needed for our company. We are expanding our operations to include a seed nursery, which will allow us more control over seed input & quality.

Shay Harty

Shay has an Honours Degree from the University of Glanmorgan (in International Marketing) and a Diploma in Food Marketing from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. He worked on an oyster farm in St. Vaast, Normandy for a time, in order to learn and develop different oyster farming techniques and procedures. Shay has worked in the sales department and as a site manager here for the past 15 years. During this time, he spent a lot of time developing our farming techniques and also expanding and developing client relationships in order to produce a supreme product for our customers’ satisfaction and to obtain the highest standards in our oyster production.

Ray Harty

Ray qualified as a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) in 1998. He worked with Glanbia before joining the family business (Dungarvan Shellfish Ltd) in 1996. He has worked from the ground up in every stage of the company, and so understands how the business runs and where and when a business needs to change. We have been in operation for 30 years and with much hard work, have become a company that produces ‘speciale’ oysters (the top grade of oysters in the world) selling mostly to the French market. Ray has recently been appointed to the board of B.I.M. (the Government agency for fisheries).

Joe Harty

Joe (the youngest brother in the Harty family) has a First Class Honours degree in Business & French from Portobello College in Dublin. He has spent a lot of time travelling to France with his father to visit clients and to learn new techniques in order to keep up-to-date with all of the processes. Joe has also spent a period of time working in Australia and New Zealand, where he gained valuable insight and experience into oyster farming. With the help of Bord Iasc Mhara (B.I.M.), he has been fundamental to the establishment of our oyster nursery – which produced six 6 million oysters in its primary year.

Jim Harty

Jim is the founder of our sister company Dungarvan Shellfish Ltd. He established the business in 1986 and steadily built it up over the last 30 years to become one of the main oyster producers in Ireland. Jim is very proud of his family’s ongoing involvement with oyster farming, as it is his lifes’ work and the company now produces 600 tonnes per annum, with over 40 workers in full-time employment. Jim retired in 2013, but still has a very strong interest in the company – indeed his advice and wisdom are much appreciated on a day-to-day basis.