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When you taste an oyster, you are experiencing the very place it was grown, bringing new meaning to the phrase: “The world is your oyster”! Our oysters score highly in their salinity, sweetness and texture. They are both meaty and tender and have been described as a “dessert” oyster. They are well-balanced salty pistachios from the sea. Some of the oysters have a lovely citrusy note, with a subtle and clean cucumber finish.

Size 3: 75 to 95 gram

This oyster has a petite deep-cupped shell, making it a plush mouthful with a succulent taste of sweetness from the Celtic Sea.

Size 2: 95 to 110 gram

Grown to perfection in an ideal Irish climate, these oysters offer a vibrant taste with a smooth full body.

Size 1: 110 to 150 gram

Grown over three years, these oysters are a treat to taste, and are identified by their dark splayed mantle.

Size Zero: 150 gram plus

Our Jumbo oysters are grown over a longer period of time with fewer oysters per bag, achieving a luxurious size with a tantalising clean, crisp taste.