Quality Assurance

The ‘speciale’ standard is a highly prized one and is our No.1 priority – we guarantee you a healthy, high quality oyster which is safe to consume while also being the best tasting oyster in Ireland. Harty Oysters have been part of an intensive weekly /monthly sampling process in conjunction with our relevant national authorities and industry partners (the F.S.A.I. – Food Safety Authority of Ireland, the S.F.P.A. – Sea Fisheries Protection Agency) and we regularly test for e-coli, salmonella, norovirus and other bio-toxins.

Our recently built state-of-the-art depuration and packaging facility is nationally approved and audited at regular intervals. In line with international standards, an individual dispatch centre number is logged with each shipment of exported ‘speciale’ oysters, ensuring full traceability direct from our park to your plate.

Harty ‘speciale’ oysters are a unique product, which we as a family are very pleased to present to you. Each Harty ‘speciale’ oyster filters up to five litres of fresh sea water per hour, so the taste of all our oysters is affected by the growing conditions of the area or the ‘terroir’ as the French would say, producing a sweet meaty oyster with hints of citrus and a beautiful cucumber finish .

We have developed excellent relationships over the years with French oyster farmers (for example, the Tafforet Company in Marennes, Normandy & Brittany) and have been exporting over 600 tonnes per year for the last 3 decades. We have become one of the showcase oyster farms in Ireland, with our ‘speciale’ winning a BIM award in 2005.